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Bert Scalzo’s Page

I am an Oracle® ACE, author, speaker, consultant, and a Senior Product Manager for database tools at Idera. I also spent 15 years architecting DBA features for the popular Toad product line. I have three decades of Oracle® database experience and previously worked for both Oracle Education and Oracle Consulting. I hold several Oracle Masters certifications, a BS, MS and Ph.D. in computer science, as well as an MBA. I have presented at numerous Oracle conferences and user groups, including OOW, ODTUG, IOUG, OAUG, RMOUG and many others. My areas of interest include data modeling, database benchmarking, database tuning and optimization, "star schema" data warehouses, Linux® and VMware®. He has written numerous papers and blogs for such well-respected publications as the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), Oracle Magazine, Oracle Informant, PC Week (eWeek), Dell Power Solutions Magazine, The LINUX Journal, LINUX.com, Oracle FAQ and Toad World.

I have also written the following books:

I can be reached via email at: