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Bert Scalzo’s Papers
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Are Database GUI Tools Evil.doc21 KOracle + VMware = Success Part 2.doc42 KToad and Monitoring Indexes.doc291 K
Automated TOAD DB Health Check via Email - Part1.docx493 KOracle + VMware = Success Part 3.doc41 KToad and SQL Plus Compatibility.doc317 K
Automated TOAD DB Health Check via Email - Part2.docx131 KOracle + VMware = Success Part 4.doc53 KToad Can Reduce Waits.doc212 K
Benchmarking Advice & Recommendations.ppt1,948 KOracle + VMware = Success Part 4.xls20 KToad Data Modeler 3.0 Preview.doc2,718 K
Benchmarking Myths Continued.doc17 KOracle + VMware Equals Success Whitepaper - V2.doc478 KToad Data Modeler Generates Best SQL.doc66 K
Benchmarking Quick Bites.doc50 KORACLE 10G RAC SCALABILITY - LESSONS LEARNED.doc3,141 KToad Data Modeler Hits a Home Run.doc23 K
Can Toad Do That.doc26 KORACLE 10G RAC SCALABILITY - LESSONS LEARNED.ppt2,218 KTOAD Database Connection Styles.doc108 K
Change_Management.ppt1,666 KOracle 11g Adds Virtual Columns and Indexes.doc33 KTOAD Database Connections Problems.docx197 K
CodeXpert_Webcast.ppt2,334 KOracle 11g Improves Partitioning.doc37 KToad Database Probe Customization.doc179 K
Customizing Toad to Taste.doc414 KOracle 11g Introduces Invisible Indexes.doc453 KTOAD Database Setup Wizard.doc196 K
Data is an Asset.doc23 KOracle 11g on a notebook.doc29 KToad DB Administration Best Practices.ppt2,039 K
Data Modeling - Common Mistakes and Their Impact.doc163 KOracle 11g R1 Top Features for Dev-DBA.ppt5,062 KTOAD DB Tune & Optimize Check List.doc120 K
Data Modeling - Its All ABout the Relationships.ppt703 KOracle Configuration for Toad Usage.doc27 KToad does RAC - Really.doc195 K
Data Modeling - Its Really All About the Relationships.doc186 KOracle Parallel Query Abuse.doc29 KTOAD does UNIX and Linux.doc595 K
Data Modeling - Reality Requires Super and Sub Types.doc203 KOracle Utilities.ppt1,112 KToad Dynamic SQL Scripting.doc360 K
Data Modeling Remains Relevant.doc887 KOracle10G_ASM.ppt496 KToad Executing Scripts against Multiple Databases 1.doc110 K
Data Warehousing Tools.docx13 KParallel Loading.doc56 KToad Executing Scripts against Multiple Databases 2.doc210 K
Data_Modeling_Best_Practices_slide.ppt446 KParallel Loading.ppt402 KToad Executing Scripts against Multiple Databases 3.doc59 K
Database Benchmarking Preparatory Checklist.docx17 KPartitioning with Oracle 11G.ppt2,089 KToad Executing Scripts against Multiple Databases 4.doc228 K
Database Version Control via Toad.doc295 KPush Button Benchmarking.doc31 KToad Explains It Best.doc286 K
DBA Hardware Options Over the Years.doc58 KQuest RAC Tools.ppt2,160 KToad Fits Like a Glove.doc340 K
Dim Modeling Paper.doc50 KRAC be Nimble RAC be Quick.doc1,061 KToad Hidden Treasure.doc2,157 K
Disabling Oracle's AWR.doc32 KRAC be Nimble RAC be Quick.ppt1,864 KToad Hidden Treasure.ppt1,562 K
Engineering Better PLSQL.doc727 KRAC the Casba.doc96 KToad History 10.ppt283 K
Enginerering_Better_PLSQL.ppt1,907 KReally Cool TOAD Like Freeware.docx13 KToad in Secure Database Environment.doc765 K
Execute TOAD Scripts on Multiple Databases.docx146 KRun Toad Freeware on Linux.doc57 KToad Makes DB Waits Easy.doc402 K
Expedite Saving Data via Toad.doc180 KRunning Toad on Linux.doc26 KTOAD Master Detail Browser.doc179 K
Flashback to the Rescue.doc313 KSpeed Up Toad - Updated.doc66 KToad Saves Mucho Dinero.docx31 K
Flawless Logi to Phys Modeling.doc988 KSpeed Up Toad.doc60 KTOAD says RAC'em Up.docx632 K
Flawless Logi to Phys Modeling.ppt1,162 KSpeeding-Up Oracle on Your Notebook PC - Part 2.doc27 KToad Simplifies ANSI Joins.doc734 K
Forward Engineering - A Better Approach to Design.doc91 KSpeeding-Up Oracle on Your Notebook PC - Part1.doc29 KToad Sometimes Slow on Oracle 10g.doc30 K
How Data Modeling Can Save Money.doc27 KSQL Tuning in Toad.doc108 KToad Subsets Data.doc366 K
How DBAs Can Make The Most Of Toad 10.pptx2,879 KSQL Tuning via Toad.ppt3,259 KToad Tips & Tricks for DBA's.ppt1,113 K
I Love the New Toad Freeware.docx311 KSQL Tuning.doc80 KToad Tips & Tricks-All-Day.ppt37,560 K
Integrating Workload Replay into DB Change Management.pptx2,366 KSQL Tuning.ppt877 KToads New and Improved Database Browser.doc249 K
Integrating Workload Replays into DB Change Management.docx1,002 KStar Schema - MySQL.ppt959 KTop Ten Benchmarking Misconceptions - V1.doc287 K
Intro Data Modeling.ppt821 KStar Schema - Oracle.doc47 KTop Ten Benchmarking Misconceptions - V2.doc289 K
Irrational Relationships and their Ramifications.doc39 KStar Schema - Oracle.ppt867 KTuning Oracle on Linux Part 1 - Tips and Tricks.doc160 K
Just Make Oracle Go Faster.doc159 KStats Pack Once Again.doc185 KTuning Oracle on Linux Part 2 - Basic IO Concepts.doc248 K
Making Toad Do What You Want.doc228 KSuccessfulDimensionalModeling.ppt1,277 KTuning Oracle on Linux Part 3 - Tablespace Paradigms.doc113 K
Max DB Perf via Toad.doc3,419 KSwitching Data Modeling Tools.doc507 KTuning Oracle on Linux Part 4 - New 10g ASM Feature.doc167 K
Modeling_Patterns.ppt353 KTaming Oracle RAC – The Inter-Connect.doc1,354 KTuning Oracle on Linux Part 5 - non-RAC ASM vs LVM.doc493 K
Normalization in Non Gobbledygook Language.doc134 KTaming Queries from Hell.doc498 KUnder-Utilized Toad Feature #1.docx171 K
Only Toad can debug SQL Scripts.doc186 KTen Years of Toad.ppt1,308 KVirtual Paranoia.doc21 K
Optimize Oracle on Linux.doc216 KThe Ever Changing & Growing World of Oracle.ppt5,712 KVMware Oracle Images for Toad Usage.doc187 K
Optimize Oracle on Linux.ppt1,617 KThe Myth of Transactions per Second.doc28 KWe dont need no stinking modeling tool.doc28 K
Optimize Oracle on VMware.ppt3,225 KToad + Excel = Easy Data Access.doc772 KWelcome to the new TPC-E Benchmark.doc246 K
Optimize Oracle Virtual Machines on a Notebook - Part 2.doc30 KTOAD 10.5 Commercial Runs on Linux.docx105 KWhat is Oracle ASM and does TOAD support it.doc143 K
Optimize Oracle Virtual Machines on a Notebook - Part 3.doc30 KToad 105 Freeware Runs on Linux.docx116 KWhat Version of Toad Should We Use.doc114 K
Optimize Oracle Virtual Machines on a Notebook.doc28 KTOAD and Database Versioning.doc113 KWhy Reverse Engineering is Always Worthwhile.doc220 K
Optimizing Oracle on VMware.doc1,455 KToad and Dynamic SQL Scripting.doc69 KYet Another Little Toad Gem.docx134 K
Oracle + VMware = Success Part 1.doc401 K